Hydrogen Peroxide Decomposition

What is Hydrogen Peroxide Decomposition?

Hydrogen peroxide decomposition is a process where hydrogenperoxide breaks down into water and oxygen, while releasing heat. It is described by the following equation:

H2O2 --> H2O + O2 + heat

Actually, hydrogen peroxide is stable, where its decomposition rate is less than 0.1% per year, if it is free from contaminated materials. So that’s why it is very important to keep hydrogen peroxide from getting contaminated.

Hydrogen peroxide product in the market is stabilized, in which some stabilizer substances have been added. It is to lower the hydrogen decomposition rate. Each hydrogen peroxide producer has its own stabilizer substances.

The Effect of Hydrogen Peroxide Decomposition

Since hydrogen peroxide decomposition reaction releases oxygen and heat, it will create pressurized condition inside its packaging and increase in temperature. A vent facility must be installed in every packaging used for storing hydrogen peroxide, including storage tank.

Never store hydrogen peroxide in a closed tank or packaging. It is very dangerous. And use only tank or packaging material that is compatible with hydrogen peroxide.