UN Code for Hydrogen Peroxide Packaging

According to the UN Code for packaging Chapter 3.2 about Dangerous Goods List, hydrogen peroxide packaging group are Group I, Group II and Group III. These classifications are made based on hydrogen peroxide concentration.

Hydrogen peroxide is classified into packaging Group I if its concentration is 60% or more. Meanwhile, hydrogen peroxide with concentration less than 60% but more than 20% is classified into packaging Group II. Hydrogen peroxide packaging Group III is for concentration not less than 8% but less than 20%.

This packaging group description will determine specification of packaging used for hydrogen peroxide. It means that 60% hydrogen peroxide will require higher specification than 50% hydrogen peroxide.

Please look at the following examples for hydrogen peroxide packaging with different concentration. The first example is for 60% hydrogen peroxide and the second example for 50% hydrogen peroxide packaging.


Later in the next post I will show you how to read the above UN Codes marked on the packaging.